Sling Bag Pattern - Downloadable PDF

Sling Bag Pattern - Downloadable PDF


When I began my journey of sewing, I constantly sought on information how to sew a bag.

Get started on a sewing adventure with our user-friendly Sling Bag pattern — perfect for beginners eager to craft their first bag. I remember when I started sewing, my intent was to find straightforward guidance on creating a functional bag. My goal was to stitch together simple prototypes swiftly, providing me with a tangible item I could showcase and solicit feedback on design variations.

To share this experience in crafting with you, I've created an uncomplicated Sling Bag pattern that's a breeze for any sewing rookie to put together. The idea was to keep the design straightforward, offering you the freedom to personalize it to your taste. The bulk of the effort lies in preparing your materials; however, once that's completed, the sewing process is smooth sailing.

Ready to start? Simply download the PDF pattern, print it, and snip away. Then, dive into our time-lapse tutorial on our Instagram account to sew along with me. If questions pop up, drop them in the comment section on our Instagram page. Let’s stitch up something stylish together!



No prior sewing experience is necessary. Beginner to intermediate level, it’s fun for everyone!