Ultra Rolltop Backpack - TechPack PDF Template


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When I began my journey in the design field, I constantly sought advice on crafting a tech pack for factories. Back then, there wasn't a standard for backpacks and travel goods, even though there were for apparel and footwear. I recalled lessons from my high school Mechanical Drafting 001 class, using those foundational skills to develop my initial tech pack templates. Sadly, such courses are no longer offered in our educational system. My aim now is to share this expertise and make it available to all.

Crafted from two decades of design expertise with collaborations across 50-60 esteemed companies, our template is the quintessential visual guide for a seamless conversation with your pattern maker. No matter where you stand on the design spectrum, novice or expert, this template deserves a spot in your essentials.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I utilize this PDF template? Think of it as your foundational blueprint; it's a preliminary guide for communicating with local or international factories. Tailor it to fit your specifications - you might even integrate more worksheets for enhanced organization of materials and information.
  • Which software was employed for this template's creation? Adobe Illustrator with the CADTOOLS plugin for dimensions.
  • How is the PDF template structured? It's been created with layers, granting you the flexibility to remove or conceal page counts and color blocks as you see fit. They’re primarily present for reference.
  • Email us with a question at hello@canvasworker.com

Product Insights:

  • Ultra Rolltop Backpack PDF Template
  • Spanning 18 Informative Pages
  • A fundamental guide for tech pack development when collaborating with factories for a prototype.

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No prior sewing experience is necessary. Beginner to intermediate level, it’s fun for everyone!