UMBUJA® Market Tote - XPAC Mint MCB

UMBUJA® Market Tote - XPAC Mint MCB


Market, Road-trips, BBQ's, Camping, Beach or Lake Days. When your itinerary takes you far and wide, or you need to carry your whole day with you. An uncomplicated design with a spacious and versatile interior, you’ll find this tote indispensable.

"UMBUJA" wasn't just any first word—it was the endearing term my son used to describe everything and anything. This unique expression quickly became a household name, so much so that even our friends adopted it in their everyday conversations, always with a touch of humor. Inspired by this cherished memory, I began to sew the UMBUJA® label onto our products as a fun and heartfelt reminder of those special moments. Now, this label symbolizes more than just a word; it represents a joyful slice of our family's history, woven into each product for you to enjoy. Experience the charm of UMBUJA in every item—a perfect blend of quality, nostalgia, and love.


  • Key Clip
  • 3 slip pockets
  • Reinforced critical points for resilience to wear and tear

Sewn in our workshop in Costa Mesa, California


  • DWR Coated, XPAC® Mint
  • DWR Coated, XPAC® Multicam® Black

 American & Efird Thread

  • Twisted multifilament constructed nylon sewing thread designed for abrasion resistance and seam strength.
  • Dimensions 16" H x 19" W x 6” D 
  • Drop 9"


No prior sewing experience is necessary. Beginner to intermediate level, it’s fun for everyone!